April 13, 2020

Dear PianoTexas Family,

First and foremost, PianoTexas International Festival & Academy wishes you all safe and well throughout these difficult and highly challenging times.

I am sure, that it will come as no surprise that I must inform you, with the greatest of regret, that PianoTexas has been cancelled for 2020.

Our action is taken in compliance with the health and safety directives of Texas Christian University and the US Government. In so doing, it recognizes the harsh reality—facing us all—that the only way to defeat COVID-19 is to isolate ourselves from each other, challenging as this surely will be, over the coming weeks and months.

We considered holding a virtual PianoTexas this year. But since the essence of our Festival is its dynamic and spontaneous interplay between individuals and within groups, we concluded that a virtual presentation—with the technology presently available to us—just could not adequately communicate the excitement and rewarding experiences which have been our hallmark over the past 39 years.

In conclusion, both personally and on behalf of the Festival, I thank you sincerely for your understanding and forbearance at this difficult moment. Let’s look forward to the swiftest possible conclusion to the contagion, and to bringing PianoTexasInternational Festival & Academy back in style for its 40th Anniversary Celebration in June 2021.

Wishing you all the very best of health, take care and please be careful,

Dr. Tamás Ungár
Executive Director

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