Teachers and Amateurs Master Classes

Tickets: $10 (General Admission) - $5 (Students with ID)

Sunday, June 16     9:30 – 12:00     Ed Landreth Auditorium
Master Class with Yoheved Kaplinsky

Darren Wirth - Debussy: "Pagodes" and "Jardins sous la pluie" from Estampes
Trish Rawn – Chopin: Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52
I-Wen Tseng – Schumann: Abegg Variations, Op. 1


Monday, June 17     9:00 – 12:20     PepsiCo Recital HalL
Master Class with Harold Martina

Daniel Lin - Debussy: L’isle joyeuse
Kristi Baker - Brahms: Intermezzo in E-flat major, Op. 117, No. 1
Teresa Engelmann - Ravel: "Prélude", "Forlane", "Menuet", and "Rigaudon" from Le Tombeau de Couperin
Georgina Laverly – Chopin: Fantasie in F minor, Op. 49


Tuesday, June 18     9:30 – 12:00     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Master Class with Bernd Goetzke

Robert Finley – Fauré: Nocturne No. 13 in B minor, Op. 119 and Barcarolle No. 1 in A minor, Op. 26
Darren Lee - Ravel: Jeux d’eau and Debussy:  L’isle joyeuse
Monique Arar – Debussy: Pour le piano


Wednesday, June 19     9:00 – 12:20     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Master Class with Igor Resnianski

Emilie Lin - Ravel: Sonatine
Utako Tanigawa - Haydn: Sonata in A-flat major, Hob. XVI/46
Ka Lai Wan - Beethoven: Sonata No. 31 in A-flat major, Op.110 (I. Moderato cantabile molto espressivo)
Diane Austin - Brahms: Klavierstücke, Op. 118: No. 3 "Ballade" and No. 6 "Intermezzo"


Thursday, June 20     9:30 – 12:00     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Master Class with Bernd Goetzke

Jonathan Dandrow - Bach-Busoni: Chaconne in D minor BWV 1004
Soohyun Yun - Ravel: "Ondine" from Gaspard de la nuit
Fredéric Chen - Beethoven: Sonata No. 29 in B-Flat major, Op. 106 “Hammerklavier" (I. Allegro)

Friday, June 21    9:00 – 12:20     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Master Class with Emile Naoumoff

Dan Hsiung - Debussy: "La Puerta del Vino" from Préludes, Book 2
Wen Ling Chua - Debussy: "Pagodes" and "La soirée dans Grenade" from Estampes
Joel Goodman - Fauré: Theme and Variations, Op. 73
Naoko Garrison – Debussy: Pour le piano


Monday, June 24     9:00 – 12:20     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Andrey Ponochevny

Minnie Ho – Ravel: Sonatine
John Nees - Prokofiev: from Romeo & Juliet, Op. 64 "The Montagues and Capulets" & "Romeo Bids Juliet Farewell"
Anne Russell - Debussy: Les collines d'Anacapri and La serenade interrompue from Préludes, Book I
Fredericka King - Rachmaninoff: Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 36 (II. Non allegro and III. Allegro molto)


Wednesday, June 26     9:00 – 12:20     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Master Class with Arie Vardi

Zachary Weiner - Debussy: "Cathedrale engloutie" and "Feux d'artifice" from Préludes, Book 2
Kazuko Taki - Mendelssohn: Variations sérieuses in D minor, Op. 54
Spenser Thompson - Ravel: "Noctuelles" and "Une barque sur l’océan" from Miroirs
Dou Yuezhi - Schubert: Piano Sonata in B-flat major, D. 960


Thursday, June 27      9:00 – 12:20     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Master Class with Vincent Larderet

Gerrit Pronske - Ravel: "Ondine" from Gaspard de la Nuit
Michael Brounoff - Ravel: "Oiseaux tristes" and "La vallée des cloches" from Miroirs
Susan Groves - Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales
Rebecca Wang - Debussy: "Les collines d'Anacapri" and "Des pas sur la neige" from Prélude, Book 1


Friday, June 28      9:00 – 12:20     PepsiCo Recital Hall
Master Class with Tamás Ungár

Virginia Bigelow – Debussy: L'isle Joyeuse
Mari Ito - Debussy: "Homage a Rameau" from Image 1ere série
Joann Oh - Ravel: À la manière de Borodine, valse pour piano
Hkun Tun - Debussy: "La Cathédrale engloutie" and "Voiles" from Prélude, Book 1


Saturday, June 29     9:00 – 12:20     Ed Landreth Auditorium
Master Class with John Owings

Wei Ling Wang - Mompou: Paisajes: El Lago (The Lake) and Chopin: Mazurka in A minor Op. 17, No. 4
Eunice Chyu - Debussy: "Feux d'artifice" and "General Lavine - eccentric" from Préludes, Book 2
Clinton Velman – Beethoven: Sonata No, 23 in F minor, Op. 57 “Appassionata” (I. Allegro assai)
Thomas Nixon – Ravel: La valse


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