2020 Young Artists Program

Performers with Concerto Competition: June 1–28, 2020

Performers without Concerto Competition: June 6–28, 2020

Observers (Active and General): June 6–28, 2020

24 Selected Performers will receive 

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Chen Sa 

Dang Thai Son  

Jan Jiracek von Arnim

Yoheved Kaplinsky

Harold Martina

Pascal Nemorovski  

John O’Conor 

John Owings

Victor Rosenbaum 

Christopher Taylor 

Tamás Ungár

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra


Who Can Apply?

Young Artist Performers: born on or after July 1, 1992

24 Young Artists will be selected.

Active and Genera Observers: No age limit. All are welcome.

PianoTexas requires that a parent or guardian must accompany all participants under the age of 18. Texas Christian University requires accompanying adults to apply as General Observers in order to be eligible to stay in University housing.


Application Deadlines:

Young Artist Performers: Monday, March 2, 2020

Observers (Active and General): Friday, May 1, 2020

Please read the Application Procedures before applying, for full information and fee schedules. 


About the Young Artists Program:

Presented in a dedicated professional atmosphere, PianoTexas International Festival & Academy has over its 39-year history become renowned as one of the world’s leading summer piano programs. Founded in 1981, the highly challenging and stimulating Young Artists Program has emerged as a destination event for gifted young pianists aspiring to become the concert artists of the future. PianoTexas alumni include Eric Lu (Leeds International Piano Competition, 2018), Szymon Nehring (Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Competition, 2017), Kenny Broberg, (Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, 2017), Beatrice Rana and Sean Chen (Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, 2013), and Li Yundi (Chopin International Piano Competition, 2000). The Young Artists Program provides invaluable experience to its Performers through study and interaction with the internationally esteemed PianoTexas Faculty, and the wide range of valuable performance opportunities on offer.

Young Artists apply from all over the world and an eminent Selection Jury evaluates their videos. The 24 selected Performers receive full tuition scholarships. For the duration of the Festival, they are completely immersed in the world of piano music. PianoTexas is organized and geared to provide maximum musical benefits to all participants. The superb facilities of the TCU School of Music include two concert halls (with live streaming capability), teaching studios and practicing rooms. The numerous off-campus performance venues of the Community Concert Series also contribute to the success of the Program. Young Artist Performers typically enjoy significant musical growth and receive new insights of lasting value. PianoTexas and the music-loving community of Fort Worth extend a warm welcome to all Young Artist Performers, for what will be a life-changing experience.

Important Notice: The 24 selected Young Artist Performers must accept the rules, regulations and expectations governing the receipt of a full scholarship to attend the PianoTexas International Festival & Academy. The Mission of the Festival is to provide a professional experience in support of a musician’s training for a demanding career. High levels of performance are expected at all times. All concerts and master classes are recorded and streamed worldwide. Performers must be thoroughly prepared for every appearance. Performers agree to attend the Distinguished Artist Series, the Concerto Evenings, “Conversations with Guest Artists” and all master classes and private lessons, including those in which they are not actively participating. In accepting an invitation and scholarship to PianoTexas, Young Artist Performers confirm their understanding of, and compliance with, the Program’s rules, regulations and expectations for the duration of the Festival.


Required Repertoire for Young Artist Performers’ participation in PianoTexas:

When selecting repertoire, applicants should keep in mind the theme of PianoTexas 2020: a celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven and the 210th Anniversary of the birth of Frédéric Chopin. The entire world will celebrate Beethoven, while Warsaw honors Chopin through its International Chopin Competition.

PianoTexas is committed to providing its Young Artist Performers with a challenging and satisfying professional experience. Accordingly, the selected Performers are expected to prepare and present three substantial and several smaller works. Participating in the Concerto Competition is optional but strongly recommended. The complete concerto must be selected from the Concerto List. All works must be memorized, and chosen so as to represent the Performer’s highest artistic ability. 

For information on repertoire requirements for the audition videos, please see the Application Information Page.


The Concerto Competition:

Concerto Evenings with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Sunday, June 14 and Sunday, June 28, 2020

The experience of performing with an orchestra is of paramount importance in building a career in the music profession. With this in mind, PianoTexas is one of the very few international festivals that feature Young Artist Performers in public concerts with a major professional orchestra. Winners of the Concerto Competition will perform complete concertos at two Concerto Evenings, accompanied by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

PianoTexas recommends that its Young Artist Performers participate in the Concerto Competition. As part of the PianoTexas experience, Young Artist Performers are invited to arrive in Fort Worth by Monday, June 1 2020, in order to completely immerse themselves in their concerto experience. At least two rehearsals will be scheduled with a second piano and the Concerto Competition itself will take place on Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6. During the Competition, the Jury will hear the complete concerto.

One Concerto may be selected from the following: 
Bach: All Concertos 
Haydn: Concerto in D major 
Mozart: All Concertos 
Beethoven: All Concertos 
Mendelssohn: Concertos 1 and 2
Chopin: Concertos 1 and 2
Schumann: Concerto in A minor
Grieg: Concerto in A minor
Liszt: Concertos 1 and 2
Saint-Saëns: Concertos 2, 4 and 5
Tchaikovsky: Concerto 1
Brahms: Concertos 1 and 2
Ravel: Concerto in G major
Rachmaninoff: Concertos 2 and 3
Prokofiev: Concertos 2 and 3

Important Notice: Returning participants are limited to appear with the Orchestra only once every four years.



Young Artist Performers are required to participate in recitals presented by PianoTexas. Lunchtime and evening recitals are presented in the TCU Concert Halls, sponsored by piano companies who support the Festival’s programs. Recitals are open to the general public and are recorded and live-streamed over the Internet.

Reaching out to Greater Fort Worth, PianoTexas additionally presents a Community Recital Series, for which selected Young Artist Performers visit museums, churches and retirement homes.

All recitals have to be controlled regarding their length and we need to ask that each performer to limit their selected works to twelve (12) minutes per performance. The Executive Director is responsible for all programs, selecting both performers and repertoire, and his decision is final. 


Master Classes:

Young Artist Performers will be allocated two master classes with different Guest Artists. Complete concertos, sonatas and suites are also encouraged; however, it is the prerogative of the Guest Artist to select which parts to hear.

The Master Classes are open to the general public. They are recorded and streamed through the Internet. The repertoire must be performed from memory and a high level of execution is expected.

The Executive Director is responsible for the allocation of Young Artist Performers to master classes and his decisions are final.


Media Package:

Young Artist Performers have the option to purchase the PianoTexas Media Package. This is a collection of each participant’s recorded performances, master classes and photos. At the conclusion of the Program, these Media Packages are individually uploaded.


Private Lessons: 

Young Artist Performers and Active Observers will receive three private lessons (each of 50 minutes) with different Guest Artists. The lessons provide in-depth examination and discussion of musical and technical matters, so the choice of repertoire should be carefully considered.  

The Executive Director allocates private lessons and his decisions are final.

Additional private lessons are possible, at extra cost, depending on the availability of Guest Artists. The scheduling and fees should be agreed directly between the Young Artist Performers and the Guest Artists.


Conversations with Guest Artists:

These highly popular, informal question-and-answer sessions address such important topics as the music profession, careers, recording, competitions, music styles, performing, and practicing. 

The Conversations are light-hearted affairs, in which PianoTexas’s vastly experienced Guest Artists share valuable information along with entertaining stories and anecdotes of a life in music.


Active and General Observers:

PianoTexas warmly welcomes observers of all ages, to experience up close the teaching methods of renowned international Guest Artists and to attend the Festival’s stimulating series of recitals and “Conversation” sessions.

Active Observers’ tuition includes three private lessons and, upon the recommendation of a Guest Artist or the Executive Director, a performance opportunity on a recital may be offered.


Practice Facilities:

For many years, PianoTexas has maintained excellent collaborations with the major piano companies, which provide outstanding instruments for the Festival’s concert halls and practice rooms.

Young Artist Performers and Active Observers practice on grand pianos on arranged schedules. General Observers may use any practice rooms that are unoccupied.

All practice rooms are available 24 hours a day. 


Accommodation and Meals:

Attendees are accommodated in TCU’s air-conditioned dormitories, conveniently located close to the School of Music. They feature comfortable lounges, large common kitchens, laundry rooms, and spacious bedrooms. Attendees have either shared en-suite bathrooms or conveniently located communal bathrooms. Bedrooms are equipped with linens and towels, a small refrigerator and a microwave.

The option of three buffet meals per day in the University’s Cafeteria is available for a modest additional fee. Reasonable meal plan in the University’s Cafeteria is included with the accommodation charge. Numerous restaurants are within easy walking distance of the dormitories and School of Music.

PianoTexas requires that a parent or guardian must accompany all participants under the age of 18. Texas Christian University requires accompanying adults to apply as General Observers in order to be eligible to stay in University housing.


Application Fee:

Performers: $100

Active and General Observers: $75


Program Fee: 

Young Artist Performers: $2,000
(Full Tuition Scholarships will be offered to all invited Young Artists)

Active Observers: $850

General Observers: $500

Special Rate for any accompanying parents: $200


Accommodation and Meals:

June 1 – 28: Single Room with meal plan: TBA

June 1 – 28: Double Room with meal plan: TBA

June 6 – 28: Single Room with meal plan: $TBA

June 6 – 28: Double Room with meal plan: $TBA


Application Procedure: 

Application to PianoTexas is made through the online platform The Application Form must be completed online, along with electronic provision of the required supporting materials.

Should there be any problem with the Application, the “green help” link is available.

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